Martin Hogan

Thank you for visiting my page. I am happy to be participating in this year's Salt Lake AIDS Walk. Please show your support of this worthwhile cause.

I walk in memory of all the friends I have lost since 1980's to AIDS.  Jr. and Sr. High School students are at risk.  Please donate to help spread the word of hope and the elimination of AIDS.

Your donation can be made online, by selecting an option to the left. Don't have a Paypal account? No worries! Look for the "Continue" link on the next screen after clicking the donate button to the left to make your donation by debit or credit card. If you have any questions, or need assistance making a donation, please call Ginny Mitchell at 801-487-2323.

Funds raised: $1,405 of $500

Thank you donors
Gregory Lennon : $25
Bradley A. Straw : $25
Allen Eggman : $25
Andrew Pizzello : $20
R Treadway : $50
Melanie Chapman : $10
Becky Skinner : $50
Thanks  you are awesome
mike evertsen : $500
The Carol Mable Turner Foundation
Janet Striefel : $100
jessica bailey : $25
Go Marty! I wish I could donate more....the money pit called a house...
Britt D Moore : $10
Chris Else : $50
Thomas Ehmer : $40
Perry Hookey : $25
Pris Robichurd : $50
Ann Halliday : $50
Blessings to you during this awesome walk!
Susan M Lindsay : $40
dennis calloway : $100
Thanks for doing the walk, Marty! Nice photo too!
Laurie J Smith : $100
Go Marty, go!!!
Martin Hogan : $20
Margaret Kinghorn : $20
Roger King : $50
Doughty Doughty : $20
martin hogan
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