Ollie Penfold

Some of you know that I had some knee surgery last December, but that's not going to keep me from raising money for the #SaltLakeAIDSWalk! Please support me (and my human Stan) by making a donation today.

Your donation can be made online, by clicking the Donate Now button on the right. Don't have a Paypal account? No worries! Look for the "Continue" link on the next screen after clicking the donate button to the left to make your donation by debit or credit card. If you have any questions, or need assistance making a donation, please call Morgan Lim at 801-487-2323.

Funds raised: $3,885 of $5,000

Thank you donors
jill Love : $50
Mary Migliorelli : $35
Clint Ford : $200
Weston Clark : $50
Darlene Penfold : $200
Carrie Medders : $100
Stan and Ollie forever!! 
Success to you, Ollie and the Foundation!
Michael Davidson : $50
Love that Ollie
Angie Welling : $100
Go, Ollie, go!
Mary De La Mare-Schaefer : $75
Polly Hart : $50
From Polly and Tank
Harriett Gesteland : $25
In honor of Ollie and Stan
Weaver Family : $100
Cris Jones : $50
martin hogan : $30
Jan Aramaki : $20
Carol Anderson : $40
Martin Houck : $200
Kihei Houck wishes Ollie the very best for this year's walk!
Blake Perez : $25
Jane Marquardt : $200
Good luck Ollie! XO Jane & Tami
James Breitinger : $50
andrew tendick : $50
Joyce Rodeback : $50
Ollie ....walk for all of us who can't (bad knees). If we could all be as energetic and spry as Ollie after surgery. Hugs. kisses and dog treats!
Brian Minjares : $250
Laurel Palmer : $25
Donation made in honor of your old friend Sam
Carlton Christensen : $25
Karen Macon : $200
Bruce Bastian : $200
Ollie's AIDS Walk! Bruce Bastian
David Parkinson : $1,000
We'll try and stop by and say hello with the twins. Good luck. David & Leo
Harriet Mazer : $100
Margaret Chudd : $10
Arthur Talbot : $50
Richard Saalsaa : $50
Michael McDonald : $50
Go Ollie!
Polly Hart : $25
Ollie- you are my hero!
Stan Penfold : $100
Ollie really is the best! And I'm not just say'n that.
Ollie Penfold
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