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What has 4 legs and is better than a big bowl of treats!?!?! ME!!! Woof Woof! 

My name's Douglas and I'm the HIV Prevention Pup. As UAF's HIV Prevention Pup I'm responsible for raising money for UAF's HIV prevention programs. That means HIV/STI testing, syringe exchange, PrEP programming, outreach, and more! I have even done syringe cleanups around Salt Lake. 

Help me exceed my fundraising goal by clicking the Donate Now button over on the right. I'm absolutely PAWSitive that we can do it!

Your donation can be made online, by selecting an option to the left. Don't have a Paypal account? No worries! Look for the "Continue" link on the next screen after clicking the donate button to the left to make your donation by debit or credit card. If you have any questions, or need assistance making a donation, please call Morgan Lim at 801-487-2323.

Funds raised: $1,254 of $1,000

Thank you donors
Ian McMahan : $75
Sorry I missed the roast, I hope you do another one I can make it to this time!
Jack Danberg : $69
Mark Story : $50
Goldman Sachs Match
Daryl Herrschaft : $60
Matthew Moeai : $10
Douglas Dane : $280
Douglas Dane : $130
Ryan Gibbs : $30
Mark Storey : $50
Mike Evertsen : $68
Katrina Honigs : $50
Aaron Bertram : $100
Sorry I can't be at dinner.
John Anderson : $100
Margarita Borelli Cummings : $30
Lauren Lee : $75
From Mar Mar
Ryan LaRe : $25
MacKenzie Bray : $2
Pedro Fontanarrosa : $50